Релакс Шипково


Rest house „Relax” – Shipkovo mineral baths, Troyan Municipality monitors and implements all measures and recommendations for safe vacation in the environment of a COVID-19 pandemic.
Some of the measures currently included in our programme are:
1. Work areas and common areas shall be disinfected at 2 or 4 hours as required by the relevant authorities
2. Hand dispensers are placed at reception and toilets
3. The RH has a contactless thermometer that measure the temperature of guests, employees and suppliers entering the hotel
4. The RH staff has received training to work under the new rules.
5. On a selective basis, staff shall be tested every 14 days with quick test. Guests wishing to take a test will be assisted in this. Guests wishing to take a test will be assisted in doing so.
1. In the restaurant and kitchen area, staff work with gloves and masks if necessary.
2. A dispenser with a disinfectant is prominently placed in the restaurant, its toilets and in the kitchen.
3. Guests are encouraged to enter the restaurant at certain times in order not to make crowd.
4. The RH has about 40 outdoor seats, which are arranged at the currently declared „social distance“. Indoors, the tables are located according to the distances required by the regulations. In closed rooms, the tables are located according to the distances required by the regulations.
5. Feeding hours shall be extended if necessary.
6. The preparation of food and storage and is carried out according to all HASSEP rules, which comply with all current requirements of the Regional Health Inspectorate and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.
1. The RH has developed procedures for disinfecting the rooms before arrival and after departure of guests, as well as for ongoing cleaning.
2. Dispensers with disinfectants are placed in the common areas of the RH
3. The lift has a separate cleaning and disinfection schedule, and 2 people will be allowed in the elevator.
4. A check-list shall be filled in the common toilets as to when they were last cleaned
Balneological sector:
All facilities and common parts of the sector, as well as after each use of medical equipment and baths are treated with the necessary preparations in it, as a guarantee of the preparations and the method of treatment given by the company concerned.
All these measures are updated with the updating of the requirements set by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Health, their purpose being solely to ensure the security of the guests and in no way will we turn them into restrictive and ingress to their full holiday.