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фасада на почивна станция за балнеолечение - Релакс Шипково

Relax is a year-round holiday house located in the Vasilovsky Balkan. It is located in the small but picturesque village of Shipkovo, Troyan municipality, surrounded by centuries-old forests.The excellent location and warm mineral water make it possible to combine a pleasant vacation with a program that will strengthen your health and tone your body.

Here you can enjoy unique nature and a wide range of restorative and spa treatments.
The hotel is 5 floors and is served by a six-seater lift and has a wheelchair platform. The building has a generator for electricity and has its own second source of water.



The village of Shipkovo is located in the most beautiful part of Stara Planina. The houses and numerous small and larger establishments, mostly in national style, are immersed in the greenery of centuries-old beech, oak and pine forests.

The renaissance architectural style, the magnificent combination of dyes in the local costume, the unique shape and colors of the pottery, and last but not least, the unique local spices that give an unforgettable taste to every dish, combined with the aged wines and brandies on offer, make your stay here in an unforgettable pleasant memory.
Holiday house Relax is located in the centre of Shipkovo mineral baths, on the very bank of the river of Razhdavets with a separate parking lot with an exit to:


ресторант в Релакс Шипково

In our restaurant you can enjoy a cozy and pleasant atmosphere with a unique cuisine with a rich variety of dishes. The restaurant has a 60-inch plasma TV, good sound system and has a capacity of 100 seats.